Oh Hey Kitty Diffraction Glasses




• Indestructible True-Flex PVC Frame
• Laser Etched Hard Plastic Lenses
• 3 Times the Diffraction of Competitors
• Stainless Steel Hinges
• High Quality Craftsmanship
• Water Resistant

Meow! These stylish kitty cat frame diffraction glasses are purrfect for anyone! Exquisite framework and our Ultimate Diffraction Lenses make these glasses a phenomenal choice. GloFX offers the best lenses and Lens-FX, and now we have combined them with unique frame designs to bring our customers a stylish and functional new line of diffraction glasses. GloFX Kitty Diffraction Glasses showcase quality, functionality, and style for a sweet price! Throw on a pair today and watch lights explode into rainbows for a stellar experience.

The specialty series from GloFX breaks barriers in diffraction glasses technology. By combining modern style and custom framework, these glasses feature cutting edge designs. Using the finest frames and lenses, we are proud to offer impeccable quality backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty on craftsmanship.

The gradient light diffraction effect of our Diffraction Lens is directly infused into hard Plexi-Plastic. Our laser etching process makes for optimum light diffraction that presents a crisp, clean, and even effect from edge to edge. Try these glasses on and see three times the traditional light diffraction effect. The extreme durability of these glasses really makes them stand out from the competition. Created from a 100% True-Flex PVC Plastic frame, these glasses can bend, flex, and withstand any torture. Never before have diffraction glasses been able to withstand such extreme environments and last so long! Make the right decision and purchase a pair of GloFX Ultimate Diffraction Glasses today!